About KGIS

Karnataka state has pioneered in several e-Governance initiatives in the country which have got national acclaim and have been followed by various other states. Going forward towards next era, Government of Karnataka has launched the Karnataka Geographic Information System (KGIS) as a flag ship program of the state which is visualized as a technology to be a common platform that will consolidate and provide a future path that ensures availability of updated “GIS ready data” of specified standard that will go a long way in enhancing interoperability, integration, enabling the departments towards g-governance consistency and economy of effort. The concept is foresight of the Government of Karnataka and the Karnataka Jnana Ayoga (KJA), to set in process of consultation with the key departments in the government on the vision for a state GIS and for assessing needs through a broad consultation process. KGIS is envisioned to be a major support to high quality state GOVERNENCE by embedding GIS in different aspects of governance – planning and implementation at national/state/local levels; bringing GIS support in decision making; enabling a sound process of monitoring development and “identifying gaps in development”; make GIS data available at all levels-that helps bringing accountability and responsibility in state’s governance. Read more>>

KGIS will help reduce the duplication of GIS efforts in the state, remove redundancy and help create an authoritative GIS data available to all agencies, enterprises and citizens. K-GIS would have layers that would be organized from RS images and survey data/maps. Such data shall be integrated/fused with MIS/available data records of various departments. GIS based applications and decision support system for planning and applications shall be developed for each GOK departments as DSS. Citizen-centric GIS applications are also visualized as part of KGIS. Karnataka State Remote Sensing Applications Center(KSRSAC) shall be implementing the program of KGIS in the state. KSRSAC is the state’s nodal agency for RS and GIS activities and over the years KSRSAC has generated large amount of GIS assets on project basis, apart from building expert human resources in GIS within the Centre. KSRSAC has ensured that satellite images and GIS have been used from late 1980 onwards and Karnataka was one of the first states to establish a separate Centre for Remote Sensing (RS) and GIS. Availability of multi skilled expertise and the experience of handling variety of geospatial data and application development of the center has is the key for being the implementation partner for this mission mode project. Under this programme, all departments in the State are stakeholders and are mandated to share the Geospatial data and MIS to KGIS and develop GIS based governance solutions. << Read less

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