Roadmap for the
Karnataka Lok Sabha Elections 2024

Phase - 2 on April 26, 2024 : Udupi Chikmagalur, Hassan, Dakshina Kannada, Chitradurga, Tumkur, Mandya, Mysore, Chamarajanagar, Bangalore Rural, Bangalore North, Bangalore Central, Bangalore South, Chikkballapur, Kolar

Phase - 3 on May 7, 2024 : Chikkodi, Belgaum, Bagalkot, Bijapur, Gulbarga, Raichur, Bidar, Koppal, Bellary, Haveri, Dharwad, Uttara Kannada, Davanagere, Shimoga


Notification Date


Last Date for filing nomination


Scrutiny of nomination


Last Date for withdrawal of nomination


Date of Poll


Date of Counting of Votes


Notification Date


Last Date for filing nomination


Scrutiny of nomination


Last Date for withdrawal of nomination


Date of Poll


Date of Counting of Votes

Citizen Friendly Features

It aims to provide convenient access to essential electoral information, promote voter awareness, and facilitate active participation in the democratic process through user-centric design and interactive tools.

Know your Polling Booth

"Know your Polling Booth" helps citizens find their designated voting locations quickly, promoting voter awareness and facilitating electoral participation.

Election Officer Details

"Election Officer Details" provides citizens with essential information about the officers responsible for overseeing electoral processes, ensuring transparency and accountability in the electoral system.

Wheel Chair Booking

"Wheelchair Booking" facilitates citizens in reserving wheelchairs for voters with mobility challenges, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity during the voting process.

Pickup & Drop Facility

"Pickup & Drop Facility" offers transportation services for specially abled individuals and senior citizens, ensuring they can access polling stations conveniently, promoting inclusivity and participation in the electoral process.

Citizens Feedback

"Citizens Feedback" provides a platform for voters to offer input, suggestions, or report issues encountered during the electoral process, fostering transparency and accountability in the electoral system.

Map Viewer

An interactive GIS tool for visualizing comprehensive electoral data, empowering users to analyze boundary maps, voter demographics, and other pertinent information for informed decision-making system.

Comprehensive Analysis on Seats, Contesting Candiates, Previous Election results.

Explore the comprehensive array of features with our Election Analytics section. Dsicover seat distributions, learn about contesting candidates, and analyze past election outcomes to understand prevailing trends. Acquire valuable insights that shed light on the complexities of the political terrain, fostering a deeper comprehension of democratic principles.

Election Analysis 

28 - Parliament Constituency 21-Gen | 5-SC | 2-ST
Know your Contesting Candidates

224 - Assembly Constituency 173-Gen | 36-SC | 15-ST
Know your Contesting Candidates

2019 Parliament Elections
Seats Distribution

2023 Assembly Elections
Seats Distribution

State Voters Helpline Number

For Any Queries Related to Voting or Right to Information!




Election Statistics

Election statistics provide graphical representations of demographic data, offering insights into electoral processes and voter behavior.

Analytics Dashboard

"The Analytics Dashboard features a comprehensive graphical representation of election demographics, including the total population, male voters, and female voters. Utilizing bar charts, it visually displays the distribution and proportions of these demographic categories, offering insightful analysis and facilitating informed decision-making."

  • Parliamentwise Secured Votes
  • Karnataka State Age Cohort of Electors(2018)
  • Karnataka State Electoral Population.


Societal Trends

"The Societal Trends section presents an in-depth analysis of winning parties and previous election results, showcasing trends over time. By visualizing data on party victories and electoral outcomes, this feature offers valuable insights into shifting political dynamics and societal preferences, empowering users to understand prevailing trends and anticipate future electoral patterns effectively."

  • Performance of Political Parties
  • Party-wise Percentage of Votes Polled
  • Partywise Percentage of Votes in Seats Contested .


Mobile Apps

We offer the KEIS Mobile App for Department Officials and the Chunavana Mobile App for Citizens.
Chunavana Mobile App serves as your comprehensive guide to the Karnataka Elections, providing essential features such as polling booth location, candidate information, Officer details, emergency facilities, wheelchair booking, real-time queue status, parking information, voting percentage, previous election results, and access to past election data."

Monitoring Dashboard

The Monitoring Dashboard acts as the central login platform for department officials, providing them with essential access to data such as Poll Booth Data Collection/Update, Approval mechanisms for Pickup Drop, Wheelchair, Volunteer coordination facilities, BLO Officers management, and Facilities oversight, ensuring streamlined management processes. Additionally, the Poll Day Dashboard facilitates real-time monitoring of election day proceedings.

 Department Login

Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the Karnataka Election Information System, providing essential information and guidance for citizens.

What steps should I follow to locate my polling booth using the Chunavana Mobile App?

To locate your polling booth using the Chunavana Mobile App, download and install the app, then access the search option. Choose to search by EPIC number or by name, input your details, and submit. The app will display your designated polling booth based on the provided information, along with additional details such as address, facilities available, and Google directions.

What is the process for requesting wheelchair assistance at polling booths?

To request wheelchair assistance, use the Wheelchair Booking option in the app and provide your EPIC details. After submission, you'll receive an OTP for verification. Upon confirmation, you'll receive an acknowledgment number. Polling officers will contact you to verify the need for assistance, and upon confirmation, they'll provide the requested wheelchair assistance at the polling booth.

How can I stay updated on real-time voter turnout data on election day?

Simply click on the "Know Your Booth" option in the mobile app to access real-time voter turnout data. A GIS viewer map window will open, allowing you to select your desired location. You'll receive details such as constituency information, polling station name, and options to navigate to the poll from your current location. Additionally, you can view details about officers deputed at the polling station, current candidate information, poll booth queue status, and the percentage of voter turnout along with voter count based on the polling booth.

How can I access information about contesting candidates in my constituency?

Explore the Election Analytics section in the app, which offers a comprehensive analysis of seats, contesting candidates, and previous election results. Discover seat distributions, learn about the candidates, and analyze past outcomes to understand prevailing trends. This provides valuable insights into the political landscape, fostering a deeper comprehension of democratic principles.

What features are available in the map viewer, and how can they assist in analyzing electoral data?

The map viewer offers a variety of features, including election themes, demographics, Assembly/Parliament constituency total votes polled themes, and analysis themes based on results, percentage of votes polled, and winner margin themes. These features allow users to overlay multiple data layers for in-depth analysis. Furthermore, the layer list showcases election boundaries and other pertinent information, accompanied by a map legend for reference. The map viewer also provides tools to facilitate data exploration and visualization, enhancing the user experience.

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